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Im Engaged and I Dont Know Anything about Wedding Planning!

So you just got engaged and youve been living in la la land staring at your ring finger, getting a manicure every week and talking a lot more with your left hand. Its fun isnt it!? But now that a couple of weeks have passed by people are starting to ask you questions about your wedding… a lot of questions. But you dont have the answers! Uh oh!

Well dont worry… I have 3 sure fire tips to get your wedding planning off to a good start:

1. Find a venue before you set a date – Setting a date before securing a venue? Thats a big wedding planning mistake. Just because its your wedding, does not mean you pick a date of your choice, dont secure a venue and announce the date to the world. Venues are scarce and weddings are many. So, find out the dates when a venue is available, pick a date, secure a contract with the venue for that date, and then call up everyone and let them know your wedding date.

2. Discuss the money issue with your parents – So, lets come to the financial issue in wedding planning. You need money for your wedding. You cannot afford to do it all with your savings. Your parents can help. Of course, it might be embarrassing asking your parents for the money. But, hey, if you want the wedding of your dreams, you need money. Your parents love you and will be ready to help in whatever way they can. So, discuss how much they can help you financially, get an idea of your wedding budget, and begin your wedding preparations.

3. Get the groom involved – Wedding planning without the groom? Not a great idea. You dont want to leave the poor fellow out. Its his wedding too! I know you want everything your way, but your fianc might actually have some awesome ideas which you never ever would have thought about! So, ask your fianc to write down what he wants his wedding to be like. You also do the same on a separate piece of paper. Then just switch the two pieces of paper and be amazed. Not only will you be surprised how similar your ideas are, but some great ideas might just be revealed. So go on, let the wedding planning begin!