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Getting Married in Key West, Florida – The Best I Do Ever

After two years of dating he popped the question, on Super Bowl Sunday no less, I was thrilled and obviously said ‘yes, thus started the mad rush to get down the isle. Now this wasn’t going to be the first time for either of us so we decided to keep it small and very informal. The more we talked and thought about it the more we liked the idea of getting married in the Keys. We’ve both lived in Florida nearly all of our lives and have always loved the Florida Keys so we decided to make it a destination wedding, for two. When we first told our families what we wanted to do they all wanted to come down with us and who can blame them, the Keys are a great vacation destination but we kept it just us. Now if you plan on getting married in the Keys there are many great places to do this, as for us, we have always loved Key West so it really wasn’t a hard decision, it was going to be Key West.

Once we had decided on the place we had to decide when, so I picked August. Now those of you who are familiar with Florida and the summers we have here will recognize that August in Florida is not only hot but it’s the height of Hurricane Season, good choice huh, but it was the first week I thought I’d be safe. There are many different places to get married in the Keys, and by places I don’t mean Key Largo or Islamorada or Bahia Honda, I mean in a park or on the beach or in a botanical garden or on a sailboat or catamaran, we choose a tropical backyard. The person I chose to officiate the ceremony was a gentleman name Admiral Busby, he had several different options of places to get married but he also had several different types of ceremonies he performed. One was traditional, one was nondenominational, one was a civil ceremony and they ranged in price from under two hundred dollars to just over a thousand.

Here’s where the weather almost became an issue, five days before my wedding Tropical Storm Chris formed and was headed, you guessed it, straight for Key West. Luckily it never turned into a hurricane and turned south so it passed over Cuba and that was that. Admiral Busby was wonderful, tho’, he was willing to change the day if needed at a moments notice and that was a great relief to me. We got down to Key West the Friday before we were to be married and stayed at a place right on Duval street called Olivia by Duval, it’s a great little place with several rooms and a pool house, we’ve stayed there several times since and have always enjoyed it.

The morning of our wedding dawned clear and warm, we woke got dressed and we were on our way. When we got to the neighborhood we walked down this alley way to this beautiful, tropical backyard garden and were married under an archway by a man who looked like an older Sonny Bono, it was perfect. Key West is not only a wonderful place to get married it’s a perfect place to have a honeymoon. We went all over. We went to the beach at the Zachary Taylor State Park, went snorkeling at Smathers Beach and spend our nights on Duval Street dancing and listening to the bands at Sloppy Joe’s and drinking at Captain Tony’s Saloon all after watching the sun go down and the enjoying festivities at Mallory Square. We ran into some friends of ours who happened to be there for the Lobster season in August and were subsequently invited to have a delicious dinner at their house on Bahia Honda home of the famous Key Deer. We got to see some, they are tiny and so cute.

Needless to say we had a spectacular time; it was the perfect place to get married and spend a few days. As I said I’ve always loved the Florida Keys, and this experience totally cemented it.