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Finishing a Relationship Gracefully – 5 Key focuses In Ending A Relationship Gracefully

It is inevitable that some things, no matter how happy they are, they can still reach to a conclusion. Thus, it is a challenge for you and for all of us in ending the relationship gracefully. Sometimes, the break up experience is a traumatic one for many, but you can change it if you want. So here are some key points for you in order to end the relationship rightly and properly.

Before you even think about mentioning your desire to call it quits, you have to be 100% sure it’s what you want to do, and know why you want to do it. This is so important to remember because once you utter words about splitting or breaking, you cannot find any way to get back those words into your mouth.

Key #1: Tell the truth – Your partner has the right to know the truth anything and everything in the relationship. If you are ending the relationship because you have done something wrong, now is the time to say so. If you just lie and make reasons to get out from such situation, it will still come back to haunt you.

Key #2: Learn to be calm, courteous and straightforward- If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that emotions will be running high as soon as you broach the subject. Keep in mind that the proverbial ball is in your court. In short, it is on you whether you will lower or higher the tone. To make a smoother way in the relationship, you need to try to maintain respect, calmness and to be direct as much as possible.

Key #3: Expect the worst – You may vision your partner going wild, pushing you away or having blank stares, motionless and out of reach. So whatever those that you imagine, it will not happen the way you think. Thus, it is important that you are sure of your plan and do not change from time to time.

Key #4: Observe signs of manipulation –  There is always a chance that your soon-to-be ex will do everything they can to get you to stay. Feeling in controlled and manipulated can actually trigger bitterness and hatred. You really need to be very careful in determining that something is going on. To be fair, be sure you aren’t the one doing the manipulating.

Key #5: Don’t make the past faults as a bullet – This is the most difficult part. When you give reasons for break up, do not include past faults in your reasons because it will only trigger fight and argument. For sure you know what you hate about each other so it is unnecessary to bring it up this time. Don’t give reasons of break up as something to hit your partner’s ego.

Ending a relationship gracefully is one hardest thing to undergo. Surely it needs so much time to plan and to implement to really make it happen, so do it now if you want the break up to be a graceful end than a horrible experience.