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3 Relationship Advice Tips for The Newly Engaged

You are “Aunt Julie” and your favorite niece Sharon just told you her boyfriend Rick popped the question.

As she bubbles over describing all of Rick’s wonderful qualities and idiosyncrasies, all of a sudden she pauses, gets a serious look in her eyes, and with a very serious tone says, “Aunt Julie, I’m scared. I don’t know much about relationships, can you help me?”

If you’re like most people you do what comes natural and make relationship advice up, drawing from your own experiences. There is nothing wrong with that. What you have learned from your own experience is very valuable, especially when you don’t have to follow the advice yourself. But there are some practical foundational suggestions you could make that will be perennially helpful. Even though it’s too late for Julie and Rick, keep these suggestions in mind for the next time you’re put on the spot for relationship advice.

Number One
Now that you’re engaged, both of you will adjust. To a large degree the pressure to impress has come off, and each of you showing only your good side will slip somewhat. Although this is not always the case 100% of the time, it is a good time to take note of your future spouse’s “other” traits. Remember it isn’t too late to get out of the situation if you decide you don’t want to be in it for the rest of your life.

Number Two
Don’t be the one who slips. Don’t think, “Now that we’re committed, it’s OK to be ‘yourself.'” The person who fell in love with you, also fell in love with the sweetness and the consideration you expressed. Remember to keep behaving the way you have, not just until you are married, but for the rest of your life. This creates a happy marriage.

Number Three
The best way to feel love is by giving it. Don’t let expectations of receiving love ever derail your own best efforts for giving love.

Great Googley Moogley, I Hear You’re Engaged!

At least you hope someone is when it comes to your articles. At the heart of affiliate marketing is a need to connect with your readers through your information articles. Readers who happen upon your content, in whatever way, want to stay where they land and learn something. They want vibrant articles that keep them reading. These types of articles are entertaining while being informative.

Write engaging articles that call readers to action by considering the following tips:

* Learn everything possible about your affiliate product, then some more. When you arm yourself with that much knowledge about your product you will write intelligently to customers’ concerns.

* Learn everything about your niche market; those customers who are looking for what you have to sell. Understand them. Know what they want from your affiliate product and why. When you write your article, expand on these wants by writing about them in detail from a position of authority. Let them know you’re well versed in the product and have the useful information they need to make a buying decision.

* Learn everything you can about your competitors’ product. When you have broad knowledge about competitors’ versions of your affiliate product, you can address questions about the product in general in your articles. Show the benefits of your version of product compared to others in the marketplace. Your articles have credibility because they show you have researched the market as a whole and understand it.

* Within the article itself, give useful information that is not the general, generic content typically seen about your affiliate product area. Consider what people probably already know about your topic. Don’t give them that information again. Give them what they don’t know about your product field. Avoid being spammy, though, or publishers will not use your article.

Tell them about unique benefits offered beyond what they usually think about in that product area. Get them thinking outside the box about that field of products. Armed with in-depth knowledge about your product field you give them this unique information. Here’s where you come across as an expert and not a salesperson who is hawking a product he knows little about except the obvious.

* Adapt a tone that lets the reader know you are not auditioning to be a presenter on The Shopping Channel. You don’t want them thinking that you are pressuring them to make a buying decision “before they’re all gone!” They’ve been there, done that, with too many other self-promotion articles they’ve read and really don’t want to be there doing that again. The tone of your article needs to be authoritative with respect for your readers’ intelligence.

* Encourage a click-through with indications that more information is available on your website. With useful, relevant information that establishes you as an expert, your readers will know there’s more where this article came from. At the end of your article, they will see links showing where you are. You stand a good chance they’ll go there. They’ll go there because you filled an information gap and they want to drive across that bridged gap to where more information rests.

When you engage your readers, you build on that relationship. You get them to take action, to make a personal commitment to you as their product information provider. When they see you as a storehouse of knowledge and a product expert, they will want to form a relationship with you. So, I hear you’re engaged.

Tired of Small Business Phone Systems That Result in Missed Calls and Engaged Tones?

In the age of the internet there are now services that offer a small business phone system that can act as a virtual switchboard or sit alongside an existing switchboard. These types of services liberate the small business owner, enabling them to provide customer services that once was only available to larger companies.

Not only are these services well within the budget of most small companies, you can be freed from utilizing the small business phone systems that major telecom companies offer. This essentially allows you to shop for a business phone service that provides the services and prices you need.

Quick Tips On What These Services Should offer
*Eliminate missed calls and engaged tones
*experience virtually unlimited simultaneous calls using a 1 number
*get calls wherever your staff are: office, your mobiles, home-workers or even overseas
*Service your customers even if the office is closed
*Employ with or without a switchboard
*Reduce capital and operating expenditure
*Simple, transparent pricing
*Money Back guarantee or even better get a Free Trial

So How Do These Services Work?
*They allow all the functionality of a traditional switchboard to handle your incoming calls
*No equipment needed because you access your services via your own private control panel on the internet
*If you already have a switchboard you can use it to enhance your services and provide a much more elastic call management service
*Fully scalable, the services can grow with you to support your business growth seamlessly
*cut capital and operational costs: no hardware, no service contracts, no maintenance contracts, no insurance.
*No technological skills required and no engineers to pay for, you manage services directly via a simple set of controls on the web
*Not tied to utilizing the business phone services of any one company.

There are a variety of companies offering these services. Stop looking at standalone business phone systems they are costly, have a time squandering learning curve and maintenance costs can really eat into a small business purse. Why tie yourself to a particular telecom company either, just because they offer a small business phone system..? Knowledge is power in any business.

Another aspect of many of these upcoming telecom services is that you can opt for a voip business phone system, though this can be expensive for those on a tight budget. It can however be a god send to a small business who has staff scattered across different geographic regions.

Another aspect of small business liberation comes to those who utilize a business phone number for marketing purposes: i.e. a devoted line for customers to ring following a promo in newspaper etc. Any small business using these services reckon they are stuck with a particular telecom provider, as they do not want to loose the number they have spent cash marketing.

Now you can get numbers that are independent of any telecom provider simply by using this type of small business phone system. A modest fee will be applicable for an extra number but in some cases you can pay as you go. Note though if you take a number on a pay as you go basis ensure that payment is not automated else you could end up paying up for the service long after you need it!

Now you are fitted out, with information to permit you to look for the most cost and service effective small business phone system that is available on the market today. Stop beating a path to the door of antiquated, time and cash draining services and systems.

Getting Engaged? How Should You Handle Health Insurance?

When preparing for marriage, many happy Texan couples spend months planning for their special day to make sure it takes place without a hitch. But how many engaged couples put that kind of preparation into sharing a life together, especially when it comes to making sure their existing health insurance policies will adequately cover them both? So before you head off on your honeymoon, here are some things to consider:

If you’re both covered by an employer-sponsored health insurance plan, it might make sense to integrate your plans. You and your significant other should determine which of the two plans is more attractive and obtain coverage under that plan. If your spouse is uninsured, you can add him/her to the existing policy.

When comparing policies, you should consider the following:
– Monthly premiums
– Deductibles
– Co-payments for routine and emergency care
– Doctors and hospitals that participate in each plan (e.g., if it’s a Health Maintenance Organization or Preferred Provider Organization)
– Any additional coverage provided (e.g., dental, vision care, prescription drugs, etc.).
– Waiting period for spouses.

If you’re an unmarried couple living together, you both may have a more difficult time getting coverage if a significant other is uninsured because employer-sponsored health plans don’t always offer domestic partner coverage. For plans that do offer this coverage, the value of the coverage provided to the partner is taxable as income for the employee and may not provide suitable benefits for the couple. Individual health insurance policies may be a more appropriate option, and in many cases, the only option.

Individual policies should also be an option for married couples where an employer has dramatically increased the employee’s share of the premium to cover spouses, or stopped offering coverage for spouses altogether because of the extra expense. Monthly premiums for individual health insurance plans for a married couple may be less expensive than your share of the monthly premium offered through an employer’s group insurance policy.

Getting married is a major event in every individual’s life. And with this major event comes a major change in responsibilities. Reexamining your health insurance needs before the ceremony is over will help you sustain your relationship through sickness and in health.

When you’re planning the wedding of your dreams, you should also shop carefully for the right health insurance plan for both of you. Look for high-quality individual health insurance at affordable rates, specifically created for young, healthy individuals.

Social Media Use: Keep Your Fans Engaged And On Your Sites Long Enough To Really Like It There

The way to grow your fan base to is to do more of the activities your fans like. Often the conundrum starts with trying to figure out what it is that they do like. After all, you want to keep them on your site and keep them engaged, so that they don’t notice time passing and are enjoying themselves. The more time they spend with you, the less time they are spending with your competition.

Here are some of the ways that you can engage your fans on social media sites. It will not take long to see which ones are the more popular. Then you continue to do more of those in the future.

· Polls

· Quizzes

· Contests

· Tools you create, get special deals for or tip your audience off about

· Apps you create

· Quick “How to” videos

· Themes (E.G. “Manic Monday”, “Quote of the Day”, etc.)

· Questions

You do not want to do the same thing all the time. It is boring for your readers to have the usual pattern of “more information” followed by a sales pitch, “more information” and then a sales pitch. Yes, that is easier to pre-schedule for you, but it is no fun for your fans. It is hard to engage people with you if you are not already engaged yourself.

Yet there is a place for automated sequences in your marketing lineup. It is the best way to keep in touch with people who have given you their email address and who want to know what you have to offer that will solve their problem next.

You will find engagement referred to as “flow patterns”. Flow means more than the number of visitors, and the bounce rate, it means interaction. Comments, increase in new followers or fans and conversion from fan and follower to prospect to customer. We can all use more friends, but what puts food on the table is more customers.

Everyone’s fan base flows in its own unique ways. You will need to experiment with polls, quizzes and contests to see which your own tribe prefers. Do they look to you for a thematic? A colleague of mine used to have major engagement with a Music Monday where he would recall a favorite pop song from his youth and shout it out to his tribe and invite stories the song recalled.

After all, we work so hard for traffic to our sites and pages. We also need to spend a little time keeping those hard-won eyeballs for more than a fleeting glance.