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Neighbors Watch Thieves But See Nothing

Robert is a young military guy. He has been in the Air Fore Reserves over 3 years. He is a very independent person who enjoys serving his country, and improving himself along the way. He loves to travel, so the military is the right choice for him, and he is having a great time. He lives in an apartment in the local area. When he is not on reserve duty, he works in a local automotive manufacturing plant.

All is going good. He has great job, he gets to travel, he is serving his country and has a great place to live. He knows his neighbors pretty well and has no problem asking them to watch his apartment while he was away. One month he was call to go to the middleast on temporary assignment with the Reserves. Although it would only be for a couple of weeks, he was excited because it was his first overseas assignment.

He would get to see some part of the world that most will never see. He packed for the trip and asked his neighbors to keep an eye on his apartment while he was gone. They agreed to keep watch. He left on schedule and everything went as planned. After the trip, he was anxious to get back to his home and just relax. He got home and entered his apartment. He was shocked. Everything was gone.

His furniture, television and stereos were all gone. He went to check with his neighbors to see if they saw anything. It turns out they were called back to their home on an emergency, which lasted about a week. He thought, that is when the thieves must have taken everything. He reported it to the police, who questioned a few of the other tenants.

One older couple saw a moving van parked near his apartment while he was gone. They did not think much of it because people are always coming and going, since it is a military community. Police theorized that the thieves had somehow duplicated his key and simply walked off with his things. Fortunately, he was insured and everything was replaced.

When you have to leave your home, it is a good idea to let all neighbors that you trust know you are gone. Thieves take advantage of people who frequently travel. They commit crimes by looking like they are performing legitimate services. They use covers like cable repairman, delivery people or even moving companies to scope out their victims.

If you notice a moving van at a house and you know the occupants are out of town, it maybe trouble. Be a good neighbor and report suspicious activity. Only you and your neighbors know what is suspicious in your neighborhood. Be aware of your environment and have a defense strategy in mind.

5 Ideas to Help Deal With Irritating Neighbors

To deal with any trouble caused by bad neighbors you can solve the problem on your own, talk to your neighbor, ask for help from your landlord, ask for help from the police, or file a lawsuit.

When you lease an apartment or have a lot of people living in your neighborhood, most likely you know the good and bad conditions of living around so many people. You may enjoy chatting with your neighbors and keeping an eye out for each other. Some neighbors, however, might annoy you with loud sounds coming from their house. If you have bothersome, noisy neighbors, a White noise machine may help solve the problem. For a more serious situation, the police may need to be called. Knowing the following practical tips on how to deal with bad neighbors may help solve whatever problems you are experiencing:

Think it through and try to find a solution

Some issues with neighbors are things you can resolve all by yourself. White noise machines and air purifiers can remove both noise and bad odors. Minor inconveniences like these don’t have to involve drastic solutions or intervention from anyone else. Try to solve the issue on your own before involving other parties.

Talk to your neighbor

The only way to get any where with bad neighbors is communication. Many people are a bit wary about using confrontational approaches like this. If the thought of doing this makes you nervous, then try getting to know your neighbors on a friendly basis first before approaching them with the issue. This will help you become more comfortable with them and might even make you a new friend. Remember that you’re not trying to fight, but you want to communicate your problem to your neighbor and figure out a solution together. If this approach isn’t successful and you are only making your neighbor angry, then stop arguing and try a different method from the list.

Ask help from your landlord

Contacting your landlord might be the next step for you to take if, in spite of talking to your neighbor about the problem, he continues with his disturbing behavior. Take the time to discuss each aspect of the problem with him. Your landlord will have the power to set rules and regulations that will promote the general happiness and health of his tenants.

Get assistance from the authorities.

If your neighbor starts making threats to you or your family, or you sense that they are conducting any illegal activities, ask the police for help. The good thing about involving the police is that you are less likely to see the problem again in the future.

Pursue legal action, such as a lawsuit

Going to court should be your last resort. This could be an effective solution if your neighbors are not willing to cooperate or your landlord is negligent and unwilling to help you. Keep important documentation and any other proof of the problems that can help you support your case.

All residents of a neighborhood and tenants in a rented place have the right to live comfortably and peacefully. Troubles originating from the folks next-door should not deter you from enjoying the contentment and tranquility which is all justifiably yours for your taking.

An Ugly Yard, New Neighbors, And New Hope

Picture any new middle class neighbor hood in suburban America. The picture one in the mid west that’s been build in the last 10 years add to that a sort of homey 1950’s TV perfect lawn and you pretty much have a picture of my street with the exception of a few homes that frankly just don’t get it.

From the corner to my house we have our own version of landscape wars going on. Sure none of us ever claimed the hostile intention f having a more manicured patch of land than the other but much like the arms race of the cold war Era the competition just escalated as part of human nature.

Well that is until you got to the house next to mine. It’s had 4 families in 5 years and the last two have failed to even basic watering followed by a healthy dose weed and feed. The shrubberies were untrimmed, the trees not pruned and the plantings were jumbled and complete random at best and once they had been planted all but forgotten about.

Think of a brand new house that in a few more years could be the “scary house” in some made for TV production featuring overly intelligent precocious paranoid kids and a mystery of some sort. The for sale sign in the yard was there for a good six months. Give you a hint the landscaping did absolutely nothing for curb appeal. While the rest of the street was neatly groomed with perfect yards, beautiful flowers, planters and urns, hanging ferns, Statues of everything from golden retrieves to the Virgin Mary. A few fountains, a gurgling water fall and fresh mulch. This yard if it was a boy dating your daughter is exactly the type of boy you hoped she’d never bring home.

So While on my back patio discussing the late season growing pattern with a few favorite plants and how disappointed I was in them along came Casey. Big, beautiful, and with bounding youthful strides. Casey decided instantly that I was OK ran over gave me a big old kiss and then sat there while I scratched his ears. A few folks acme around the back carrying boxes. As I introduced myself meeting my new neighbors and assuring them that it really isn’t a problem that Casey had come over. After all I’m a dog person and a big yellow lab would make a good friend for my big lazy old Chesapeake.

Now I’m not the type of guy who wants to meet the new neighbors. I’m a bit antisocial that way and of it weren’t for Casey I probably could have waited until spring. As they talked about they changes they made inside the house before moving in it became apparent they were my type of people. New carpet, new flooring, all fresh paint. I liked the young couple and her dad already. Then again there aren’t many guys that I’ve ever met who wear boots and over all that I didn’t like.

“The only thing left is the Landscaping” they said. Following that statement with “it can’t get any worse!” I wanted to kiss them all just like Casey had kissed me. Don’t worry I thought better of it, after all I’m not much for new people, figure most men don’t like other guys kissing them or their wives and he was holding a shotgun case under one arm and a compound bow case in the other.. Being the cynic that I am. I figure Yeah I’ll believe it when I see on the landscaping issue.

The next day a brisk Sunday Morning there’s a flurry of people at the neighbors pretty early. Not completely unexpected as I head out to the gym. Two hours of sweating and grunting later I head home to work in the yard and that’s when I see it. Three pick up trucks scattered on the front lawn and a series of men all who are larger than me and I’m by no means a little guy. Frankly terror struck me thinking I was now in a suburban redneck hell. I had Images of trucks on cinder blocks next. It was an unfair judgment.

As I got out of the car my new friend Casey came to see me. Then I noticed the small sickly shrubs that were on the property line were gone. In all honest I tried to kill them this summer by taking a mower to the parts that had encroached their sparse dying ugliness after the old owners had moved out.

Now there was fresh dirt and grass seed in that spot. Trees had been pruned or cut down, bad plantings unceremoniously ripped from the soil and replaced. Even my sarcastic old soul found hope in this. And to top it all off in a conversation later that day “all you can do is aerate, over seed, put some starter fertilizer down and hope for spring” was the comment about the grass which is exactly what they did a few days later.

So while I’m not much for new neighbors, unlike some of the nice folks on my street I’ll be minding my own business and not showing up with welcome baskets and fresh baked cookies. Instead I will enjoy silently competing with them in yet another undeclared landscape war that I fully expect to come out the winner in.

Farmville Help Friends And Neighbors

It is critical to have neighbors if you would like to achieve success playing Farmville. There are lots of reasons why you need Farmville neighbors, like expanding your farm for an example. Let’s see some of the good reasons to collect Farmville neighbors:

Friends or neighbors

If you latterly joined Facebook and you do not have many friends or if your pals don’t play Farmville, you will ask them to become your Farmville neighbors. There’s no issue with this, all that you need to do is sending them an invite to become your Farmville neighbors and all they should do is accept it. Send them the invitations only once because it’s worst if you send them a lot of invitations. You will be bothering and spamming them.

If you join the Farmville forum you can post a comment asking for more Farmville neighbors. Soon you’ll have dozens of folk ready to accept your invitation!

Why Have Neighbors?

One of the great advantages of having neighbors is to be in a position to expand your farm. This means more land, more crops and extra money and XP points.

You can ask your neighbors to fertilize your crops which will give you additional XP points. If you help them on their farms you will also win coins and XP, rewarding you for your work.

If you neighbors win awards they can share them with you, and you can get access to this just by accessing their page and clicking on the accept message; naturally, they can also get rewards from you if you share them.

The commonest feature having neighbors in Farmville is to receive plenty of gifts, and the more Farmville neighbors you have, the more gifts you can get. This may get you cows, chickens, and any other items to help you earn money and grow your farm. If you do not like the gifts you received, you can sell them away.

If you don’t join a giant neighborhood you may miss plenty of points and awards.

Cultivate Better Relationships With Neighbors

Have you never find that the modern life is really less conducive to friendship and neighborliness then it was. American moves every five years. People always drive straight into their garages, order lawn service and hung out in their backyards. They need not step out the house and neighbors do not know each other’s names.
Good neighbors are something like running water. We do not have the realization that how much we need each other until we do not have them. They let our lives more enjoyable and give us a feeling of who we are, whether as an individual or as a member of the community.
It is said that enhancing your relationship between you and your neighbors and friends is to respect their feelings, concern about their property and a hand when they need your favor. Here are some tips to help you how to nature your relationships with the important people in your life.
1. Get start to a conversation over the fence. Even if you have lived the next door for couples of years, it is okay that one can break the ice first. Most neighbors pretty enjoy a small talk with people on the side of the fence. So when you see them at work in their yards, smile, wave your hand and say hello to them. You can ask how their kids are or what they think about the prices at your local market.
2. Extend yourself to the new neighbor. Nowadays the Welcome Wagon is out of date. But your new neighbors may feel lonely; especially they come from the far place, and might appreciate your friendly fresh-baked brownies. If they get kids, tell them where the children in the neighborhood live. Give them clue of the best place to eat and store. Invite them to over for coffee when they get things well, give them your number when you say bye.
3. Be thoughtful, especially to the elderly neighbors. If you borrow something from a neighbor such as tools, you have to return them as soon as you finished with them. Replace anything that is your neighbor’s that your kids break. If your neighbor does not buy a garbage can yet, roll them back to his yard. This kind of random behaviors of your consideration will let your neighbor talking and the talk will also be good.
4. Ask your neighbors to join your next bash. What better way to meet your neighbors than to invite them to an informal barbecue, holiday house? You can consider throwing a get-together for them. Deliver your invitation personally to everyone who lives on your block and have a five-minute talk with before you move to the next house. You can know what your neighbors like by this way and you can prepare the proper food and music.